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CLAPPS is intended for Composers, Lyricists, Arrangers, Producers and Performers of Singapore. It is a 2-day conference dedicated at developing not just songwriting in Singapore but all other aspects involved in the creation of local music. The conference is intended for both young artists as well veterans who are committed to building on their capabilities. At the first CLAPPS 2017, we had a stellar line-up of industry leaders Dick Lee, Corrinne May, Kenn C, etc. 


Objective of CLAPPS is to serve as:

•          an annual platform for practitioners within the music industry to share and exchange knowledge and expertise in the areas of composition, production, marketing and distribution.


•          an annual networking event for the music industry to keep abreast of developments and trends within the scene.


The CLAPPS 2018 Songwriting Conference will focus on the various phases of the songwriting process from composition through arranging to production and distribution and performance. 


Highlights of CLAPPS 2018 will include:

•             Masterclasses where experienced and renowned musicians will provide critique and advice to aspiring songwriters.

•             Panel discussions where key players in the scene will discuss and address key issues faced in the scene today.

•             Workshops where musicians in the industry can get experience and engage in sharing sessions by professionals.

•             Performance platform for musicians. 



TICKETS available from Eventbrite from 01 January 2018.

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Programme (Day 1 - 9 February 2018) 

First Half

1030- 1130: Opening

- Welcome Address by Chairman (Professor Bernard Tan)

- Speech by Guest Of Honour

- Performance by Charlie Lim 

1130 - 1230: Keynote by Tim O'Dwyer ("Industry and Institution - Finding their voices and the recent rise of Singapore’s contemporary music scene")

1230 - 1330: Lunch

Second Half

1330 - 1400: Showcase by LASALLE students

1400 - 1600: Masterclass by Charlie Lim (Music Composition)

1600pm - 1630: Tea Break

1630 - 1730: "Monetisation of Music Compositions - Licences and Royalties and the role of COMPASS" by Edmund Lum (COMPASS' CEO)

1730 - 1830: "The Art of Amplification - Key factors and application examples  of microphones" by DPA (Francis Lai) 


Programme (Day 2 - 10 February 2018)

First Half

1000 - 1100: "The Art Of Performance" by Rahimah Rahim

[A] & [B] run concurrently and participants will choose either to attend:

1100 - 1200: [A] Artiste Management by Foundation Music - "Promotion of Singapore artists in both domestic and international markets" 

1100 - 1230:  [B] "Orchestral/Band Arrangement for large ensemble, and making of minus one music for commercial works" by Bang Wenfu, and "Writing of band scores with a focus on school band music", by Mohd Rasull

1200 - 1315: Lunch

Second Half

1330 - 1530: Masterclass by Tat Tong (Music Composition)

1530 - 1630 "Music Arrangement & Production of Pop Music" by George Leong

1630 - 1700: Tea Break 

1700 - 1830: Panel Discussion - "Making A Living Out of Music" (by Kevin Mathews, Mike Spinks, Aya Sekine, moderator Eddino Abdul Hadi

1830 - 1930: Open Mic + Launch of SingTunes

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