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Providing full support to career musicians with access to the complete range of services and privileges provided by the Guild

The most comprehensive membership designed to provide full support to career musicians working full-time or those who derive a significant percentage of their monthly income from music, Full Membership gives access to the complete range of services and privileges provided by the Guild.

These include special insurance plans, expert legal assistance, professional development workshops, notifications of jobs posted in the Music Jobs Database, free promotion through the SG Musicians Directory and more importantly, the confidence you gain from identifying as a member of a professional community comprising some of the most talented and successful musicians in Singapore.


What are the benefits?



3-hour Legal Clinics conducted every quarter provides those with serious legal questions the opportunity for a 1-to-1 legal consultation for up to 60 mins with our legal experts … absolutely free-of-charge!

The lowest standard rates for common legal services like business incorporation, trademark registration, standard term contracts or issuing of letters of demand.

Download standard contract templates, and samples of other legal documents to protect your professional activities.


Professional & Personal Development

An online knowledge repository providing unfettered access to informative articles on a wide range of professional topics, from Music Education to Intellectual Property Laws and even research on what Professional Fees to charge – as well as personal advice on Financial Planning, Career Development, Managing Debt or Health & Wellness for Musicians.

Free workshops, seminars & talks by leading practitioners in their field providing invaluable opportunities to pick up new ideas and skills that will open up new perspectives and reinvigorate your musical career.


Self-Promotion & Employment

Get your professional CV out there with a listing on the SG Musicians Directory – our database of local music professionals that will help potential employers, clients and collaborators find you!

Looking for your next gig? The music Jobs Bulletin is a free service provided to businesses and members of the public looking to hire musicians to perform, record or teach! Receive alerts when a job posted meets your criteria!

Get the word out about your upcoming concert, album launch or special event through the events listing on our website & our social media pages!


News & Networks

Receive regular news updates via e-mail to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in the Guild and in the world of music.

Connect with fellow members and meet new people through the community applications within the website’s Members Area.

Network with other musicians, industry movers & shakers, even potential donors in social events.


Music Advocacy

Make your ideas heard and be a part of positive change by participating in online discussions or focus groups addressing important issues about the music profession and industry.

What does membership cost?






How do I join as a Full Member?

Complete and submit the online application form or mail us the hardcopy form which is downloadable from here.


Applicants for Full Membership must meet the following requirements:

  • Academic qualifications (diploma & above or equivalent) in music or in a music-related field;


  • Full-time/part-time/freelance employment as a musician for 2 years or more prior to date of application (where possible, please submit proof of employment e.g. letters from past employers, contact information of references)


  • Contact information for ONE referee for your professional ability and character

Applicants who are not able to fully satisfy the above requirements may be requested to attend an interview, or to allow representatives from the membership committee to observe the applicant at work (i.e. in a teaching session, rehearsal or performance).


Membership Bylaws & Code of Conduct

All applicants must read & agree to abide by the Musicians Guild of Singapore’s Code of Conduct & Membership Bylaws.


Any questions? Find some answers at our Frequently Asked Questions page or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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