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Benefit from networking with music professionals, gaining access to resources for personal development or participate in Guild activities with professional musicians.

The Student Membership is offered to students currently enrolled in full-time music courses or academic courses with music as an examinable component (e.g. ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Music, or the International Baccaluareate diploma) and enables these students to benefit from networking with music professionals, gaining access to resources for personal development or participate in Guild activities with professional musicians. Membership fees are reduced to make it more affordable to students.

Student Membership is also available for youths who are actively involved in music as practitioners in the music industry in spite of not being enrolled under any formal music curriculum.   

What are the benefits?

Professional & Personal Development

An online knowledge repository providing unfettered access to informative articles on a wide range of professional topics, from Music Education to Intellectual Property Laws and even research on what Professional Fees to charge – as well as personal advice on Financial Planning, Career Development, Managing Debt or Health & Wellness for Musicians.

Limited access (priority given to Full & Associate Members) to free workshops, seminars & talks by leading practitioners in their field providing invaluable opportunities to pick up new ideas and skills that will open up new perspectives and reinvigorate your musical career.

Student internship or volunteer opportunities with the Guild are offered to student members to provide them with the opportunity to obtain valuable experience working with music management and musicians.


Self-Promotion & Employment

Get your CV out there with a professional listing on the SG Musicians Directory – the largest database of local music professionals that will help potential employers, clients and collaborators find you!

Get the word out about your upcoming concert, album launch or special event through the events listing on our website & our social media pages!


News & Networks

Receive regular news updates via e-mail to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in the Guild and in the world of music.

Connect with fellow members and meet new people through the community applications within the website’s Members Area.

Network with other musicians, industry movers & shakers, even potential donors in fun social events.


Music Advocacy

Make your ideas heard and be a part of positive change by participating in online discussions or focus groups addressing important issues about the music profession and industry

What does membership cost?




How do I join as a Student Member?

Complete and submit the online application form or mail us the hardcopy form which is downloadable from here.


Applicants for Student Membership:

  • Should be enrolled in a full-time course of study with music as an examinable subject.
  • Students below the age of 18 are to seek parental consent before applying for membership.
  • Student memberships automatically expire upon the student’s graduation from the full-time course of study enrolled in.


Foreigners & non-residents studying in Singapore need to submit a copy of their student visa together with their application, and will pay a non-subsidized membership fee (refer to Membership Fees Table below)


Membership Bylaws & Code of Conduct

All applicants must read & agree to abide by the Musicians Guild of Singapore’s Code of Conduct & Membership Bylaws.


Any questions? Find some answers at our Frequently Asked Questions page or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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