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SX Harmoni

SX Harmoni
Previously known as Shixian & Frens
ShiXian, taken from May's chinese name, was started by May Ong (Lead Singer) and Calvin Nam (Producer), predominantly as an artistic original band. Being a couple band, Calvin and May are husband and wife, the band started out 2 years after they met, in the year 2005. With May's soothing, dreamy voice, ShiXian songs can be categorized under a fusion of New Age Pop and Modern Asia Electronica, as this act is also Calvin's production portfolio band, each album has it's own unique theme and genre. Calvin is the owner and music producer of Parablue Studios, a recording studio dealing with music production, composition, recording etc.. On an individual basis, May has started singing since she was young, in her teens, she was involved with several organizations, like Kucinta and Ocean Butterflies, as well involved with small time plays and acting. During 1998-1999, she was trained by musical vocal teacher, Anthony Winters, and involved herself in several musicals, notably The Sound of Music and The Pirates of Penzance, by Rockdale Music Society. Besides singing on a regular basis as cantor for Catholic Churches, she was also performing in Spans Balestier and numerous small gigs before she met Calvin in 2003. From there, she joined Calvin's ex-band, Genetic Habit, in a number of performances before Shixian was officially formed. Calvin has been a musician/producer for a very long time. Trained in piano since the age of 6, he took up electric guitar lessons with Spencer Goh at the age of 19. He has been part of up to 10 bands, of which named ones are Mummy's Little Devil, Room 11, Arrowclaw, Genetic Habit and SwiftBladeZ. Calvin started writing songs in 1993, and has up to date, 350+ songs written. He embarked into music production in the year 2000, and formed Parablue Studios, slowly expanding over the years. On his own, he also has his personal Trance/Electronic artist name called 'Calvin Blue'. It has been a journey of discovery for the band, and Calvin was working on Shixian's 1st album 'Sleeper's Tale' for many years. Beginning in the year 2004, he experimented numerous compositions with May's voice before deciding to embark on the Modern Asia Electronic album. By the end of 2009, the album was done producing and became Shixian's 1st pride of achievement. It was put up on CD Baby in the year 2011. Seeing how to manifest May's dreamy soothing vocals, Calvin has since then move the band on a more vocal direction towards New Age, Pop and Contemporary Ballad, and ShiXian is currently in production for 2nd album 'Waiting For You' (Contemporary Pop Ballad), due this year 2012, as well as 3rd album 'Astralnesia' (New Age Pop) for the year 2013.
Performer (Vocal), Performing (Instrumental), Composer, Lyricist
Electronic Music, Indie Pop / Singer-Songwriter, New Age, World Music / Beats Modern Asia / Folktronica

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